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Music Generation

Music Generation is a national partnership programme whose mission is to create inspiring experiences for children and young people through music.

Our school has been part of Music Generation since 2018. We chose Music Generation as an initiative for our school so that every young person in our school could grow up as part of a community where they could experience inclusion, creativity, diversity, and empowerment through music.

We choose the genre of percussion, where each child was a beginner together in this filed. We invested in various percussion instruments from tambourines and triangles to different types of drums. Classes are loud, active, and enjoyable. Our children’s rhythm, voices, and ability to participate in a “Samba” performance is remarkable.

Every child in every class receives expert tuition each week. They experience the pure joy of making music. We believe in the power of music to build confidence and creativity, to nurture leadership and innovation, to promote self-expression, connection, and happiness.